COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients,

We are pleased to announce that Greenbelt Dental Associates has reopened for non-emergencies. We have taken the past few weeks to slowly reopen the practice to insure that we are doing everything possible to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy during these troubling times.

As the world works to limit the spread of COVID-19, we want to let you know how we’re making our office extra safe during this time.

Wearing masks may be new to you, but not to us. We've always worn PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect you. We've always used state of the art sterilization.  And we’ve always disinfected our treatment room surfaces in between each patient.

All of our staff receive ongoing infection control training. In addition, a third party also inspects the office and provides additional infection control training to all staff members to insure that Perry Hall Dental Care is always providing the safest environment for our patients and staff.

That said, we are now taking some additional precautions to make sure you feel as comfortable in our office as possible:

  • All staff members have their temperatures checked each morning and confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms and have not been around anyone that has or has been exposed to COVID-19
  • We will be asking a series of screening question on our confirmation phone call and again when you arrive
  • We will be asking you to stay in your car when you arrive. You will receive a phone call when you may come into the office
  • We will ask you to wear a face mask in the office at all times except during dental procedures
  • We will be asking you to complete a COVID-19 specific screening form and we will be taking your temperature when you arrive.
  • We will ask you to wash your hands or use our provided hand sanitizer prior to going back for your appointment
  • We will be providing you with Peroxyl and Peridex to rinse your mouth with prior to any procedures
  • For cleanings, we will not be using any ultrasonic scaling and we will not be polishing after cleanings until
  • We will be staggering appointment times to insure that only one patient is coming in or leaving the practice at a time
  • In addition to our normal infection control protocols, we will be fogging each operatory with a disinfectant between each patient.
  • In addition to the procedures for the operatories, all touch surfaces in the common areas (door knobs, counters, etc.) will be continuously disinfected.
  • Our clinical team and front desk will be wearing additional PPE including face shields
  • We have purchased air purifiers for each operatory and the waiting room that have medical grade HEPA filters that remove 99.99% of airborne particles, UV germicidal lamps to kill viruses, and a 18-lb carbon filter to remove chemicals from the air.

With our masks and face shields, we may look a bit like Storm Troopers, but we promise you that we are smiling under our masks.

We look forward to seeing you soon

Thank you for your continued support. We value you as part of the Greenbelt Dental Associates family.

- Greenbelt Dental Associates

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